International Advanced Certificate Course
in Space Sciences 2023

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International Advanced Certificate Course in Space Sciences 2023

What is so unique about this course?

This course is truly unparalleled just as the space course is, the way this course is written and more importantly the effect it promises to have on you.

This is a unique course written by the Program Head in the much sought-after long form style. The content is interspersed with curated short videos and illustrations, this makes the powerful long form content even more engaging. To see syllabus topics, scroll down

What is the benefit of participating in this course?

This Advanced Space Course empowers you to thoroughly know space sciences and space sector.

Here is the primary benefit, you will be able to appreciate space sciences and its role in your life even better, maybe you will work in the space sector (which is very likely) or maybe you will not, whichever it is, knowing about space will only benefit you, we are the children of the stars.

Remember, your journey did not begin with your birthday, it began inside a point of infinite energy 13.7 billion years ago. As for the for worldly benefits, here they are;

1. You receive certificates with official IARF and related logos – the coveted IARF-ICUN courses have been offered since 2006 and are known for their high quality content, participants from IITs and IIMs and from across the globe have benefited by participating in these courses.

2. You boost your academic performance – (if you are a student, sure you will get more marks in your exams including the competitive exams).

3. You boost your career prospects – (just remember, space sector economy is already here and it is highly likely you will be working in something related to space)

4. The way the course is written, you will further improve as a person as you better appreciate the sheer vastness of it all and your significance in this 93 billion light years wide universe, there is a reason they say, “astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience.”

How do I participate in International Advanced Space course?

To participate click on the Register Now button below,

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Here are some important details about the course;

Eligibility: Exposure to basics of science

Mode & Language: Online Course in English

How it works: On paying the fee, you will receive login credentials to access the course through our learning management system. After you have completed the course, you can take the online exam and download your certificate.

Fee for National Participants: ₹ 2999 for students | ₹ 3499 for Educators & Non students
Fee for International Participants: USD 75

Optimal Learning Duration: The course is self-paced by its very structure, at a leisurely pace, participants take 1-2 months to complete the course.

Assessments: On successful submission of assignment work (attached to each chapter), the final exam (Multiple Choice Questions, MCQs) can be taken.

Grade Points: Grade Points will be awarded on the basis of assignment work and exam; the grading will be primarily based on the results of the final MCQ exam.

Discussion Forum: Edmodo Classroom (for academic interaction only)

Certification & Awards: Participants will receive certificates with official logo and grade points will be awarded on the basis of their performance in assessments. Select participants will receive medals of honor

Course offered by: ICSC | IARF
Program Head: Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya, Head Scientist, IARF-ICSC

For any queries,
Email on space@iarf.res.in | Whatsapp: +91 70435 32767

International Advanced Certificate Course in Space Sciences 2023

Syllabus Topics

The Great Silence
Scope of Astrobiology
Panspermia Hypothesis
The Fermi Paradox
Circumstellar habitable zone

Space Exploration
The Starshot Interstellar Adventure
Space Mining for Real
Space Missions of the Future
Joining Space Agencies

The Large Universe
Beyond the Big Bang
Theories about the Origin of Universe
Black Holes and Dark Matter
The New Frontier of Gravitational Waves

The Close-by Universe
Formation of Solar System
The Mysterious Oort Cloud
Terraforming of Mars
Habitable Zones

The Unknown Universe
Exploring Potential Life Worlds
The Strange Tabby’s Star
The Arrival of Oumuamua
Multiverse & Daughter Universes

The Small Universe
Quantum Field Theories
The God Particle Tales
The Promise of String Theory
The Theory of Everything

Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying”

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