The Conscious Universe Workshop

Life in Space International Workshop Tour Second Edition 2020 – 2021

Life in Space: The Conscious Universe (2020-2021) Workshop is the second edition of the widely popular Life in Space (2017-2019) International Workshop & Lecture Tour.

The Role of Consciousness in our Universe is increasingly acknowledged by mainstream peer-reviewed science.

Consciousness is the key to understand the reality of nature and the nature of reality.

It is also the key for the Search of Intelligent life in the universe.

This second edition of the unique Life in Space Workshop dares to explore the new kind of science and beyond.

The workshop dives into the depths of the supermassive black holes, It wanders in the vastness of the interstellar medium and Emerges through the web of neurons.

From astrophysics to quantum mechanics, from parapsychology to artificial intelligence, and from Complexity theory to chaos,

come experience,

The conscious universe.