Interactive Talk on occasion of World UFO Day 2022

Paranormal Encounters:
Scientific Investigation of UFOs

On Occasion of World UFO Day 2022

Paranormal Encounters:
Scientific Investigation of UFOs

Event Details
Format: Talk, Presentation and Q & A (language: English)
Event Type: Physical Event in Mumbai

Event 1
Saturday July 02: 6 PM – 8 PM IST
Total Duration: 2 hours

Event 2
Sunday July 03: 5 PM – 7 PM IST
Total Duration: 2 hours

Delivered by
Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya, Head Scientist, IARF

To register:
Step 1: Gpay to 9870159911 (Indian Astrobiology Research Centre)
Fee: Rs. 599
Note: Mention your name, number and Event choice in the payment message
Step 2: WhatsApp the payment screenshot to 93724 42770

About the Interaction
Recently, the Pentagon admitted to the existence of UFOs. Thereafter, UFO related research is being undertaken in Harvard, NASA and even at IARF. This interaction explores various aspects of the UFO phenomena including those which are presently considered paranormal (eg. ESP) but are often a part of the wider UFO phenomenon.

Come for a truly out of this world experience!

Note: This event is designed as a small gathering allowing a rather intimate interaction with the speaker. The interaction will be aided an audio-video presentation.

Key Topics
Pentagon UAP Report
Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program Release
Project Blue Book Cases
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
UFOs cases from India and Asia
Insights from the FBI – CIA UFO Documents
Extrasensory Perception & UFOs
Revisiting Area 51

Yugen, Wadala East, Mumbai – 400037

Any Queries
Send Whatsapp to 9870159911

Two possibilities exist: either we are
alone in the Universe or we are not. 
Both are equally terrifying”

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