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International Diploma in
Space Industry & Business 2023

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International Diploma in
Space Industry & Business 2023

please note, the course live date is Dec 15, 2022

What is so unique about this course?

This is an unprecedented course, unique and useful for anyone who is serious about working in the space sector.

This is a first-of-its-kind unapparelled created under the direct guidance of the IYLS 2021 Scientist-In-Charge, written in the much sought-after long form style. The content is interspersed with curated short videos and illustrations, this makes the powerful long form content even more engaging. To see syllabus topics, scroll down

What is the benefit of participating in this course?

This course empowers you to thoroughly appreciate the scope and span of the space sector.

In short, you can learn to make an informed choice to about working in Space Industry.

Space Sector is knocking at US$ 1 Trillion, this is serious money and therefore serious decision-making is important.

Space is Serious business!

As for the for other benefits, here they are;

1. You receive certificates with official IARF, IYLS 2021, ICSC and CAH 2030 logos – the coveted IARF-ICUN courses have been offered since 2006 and are known for their high quality content, participants from IITs and IIMs and from across the globe have benefited by participating in these courses.

2. You sharpen your business acumen and of course improve your academic performance (if you are a student, sure you will get more marks in your exams including the competitive exams).

3. You boost your career prospects – (just remember, space sector economy is already here and it is highly likely you will be working in something related to space)

4. The way the course is written, it widens the perspective of participants; and this alone is perhaps the most aspect of being good at business, to know more or better than others about the space.

How do I participate in International Diploma in Space Industry & Business 2021?

To participate click on the Register Now button below,

Register Now – National Participants – Click here
Register Now – International Participants (send email to space@iarf.res.in)

Here are some important details about the course;

Eligibility: Exposure to basics of economics

Mode & Language: Online Course in English

How it works: On paying the fee, you will receive login credentials to access the course through our learning management system. After you have completed the course, you can take the online exam and download your certificate.

Fee for National Participants: ₹9999
Fee for International Participants: USD 199

Optimal Learning Duration: The course is self-paced by its very structure, at a leisurely pace, participants take 3-4 months to complete the course.

Assessments: On successful submission of assignment work (attached to each chapter), the final exam (Multiple Choice Questions, MCQs) can be taken.

Grade Points: Grade Points will be awarded on the basis of assignment work, case study and exam; the grading will be primarily based on the results of the final MCQ exam.

Discussion Forum: Edmodo Classroom (for academic interaction only)

Certification & Awards: Participants will receive certificates with official logos and grade points will be awarded on the basis of their performance in assessments. Select participants will receive medals of honor

Course offered by: ICSC | IARF
Program Head: Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya, Head Scientist, IARF-ICSC
Note: This course has contributions from select experts from space industry.

For any queries,
Email on programs.iarc@gmail.com | Call / WP on 8454040464 / 8454041484

International Diploma in Space Industry & Business 2023

Syllabus Topics

Business in Space

It is Strictly Business
Space: The Final Business Frontier
Evolution of Space Sector: 1950 to 2050
The Business Era of “NewSpace”

The New Space Race
The Billionaire Space Race
Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species
Role of International Outer Space Authority

Big Business of Space Mining
Mining the Near Earth Asteroids
Mining the Moon and Beyond
US $100 Trillion Promise from Space Mining

Space Industry

Legal Issues in Space Exploration
Jurisdiction over Space Objects
Legal Issues in Space Exploration & Ownership
Common Heritage Principle in Law of Nations

Business of War & Peace in Space
The Artemis Accords for Peace in Space
Space Wars: Inauguration of US Space Force
Blood Money: Space-based Weapon Systems

Big Business of Space Industry
Advent of Space Tourism companies
Frontiers of In-Space Manufacturing
Profiting from Human Spaceflight

Work in Space

Get Ready for Space Jobs & Career
Learn from the Rise of Space Startups
Hiring Now: Astronauts, Space Engineers & Doctors Vacancy: Rocket Scientists, AI & Robotics Engineers

Become a Space Entrepreneur
Case Study of Private Rocket Companies Create Your Space-Sector Product or Service
CAH 2030 Guide to Space Entrepreneurship

Big Business of Space Technology
Rise & Rise of Remote Sensing market
Manufacturing for ever-growing Satellite Industry
Small Launch Technological Platforms

Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying”

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