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Paris Launch, Prestigious Legacy

ICUN COP Program (2015-2030) was launched in Paris during COP21.

COP 21 aka Paris Climate Summit 2015 was the most critical conference of this century; it was entrusted with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C. COP21 became a pivotal conference as over 190 countries successfully negotiated the Paris Agreement, which came into force on 04 November 2016.

ICUN COP Program including COP+ short-courses are are annual programs conducted in the context of United Nations COP conferences, these programs are admired for their unique approach and the associated discussion forum.

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The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties

COP26, Glasgow, Scotland, 2021

COP26 at Scottish Event Campus, 1 – 12, November 2021

The United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) is an international treaty entrusted with climate change adaptation and mitigation. It came into force in 1994.

The Conference of the Parties (COP) is highest decision-making body of UNFCCC. The secretariat of COP is located in Bonn, Germany. The first COP conference was held in Berlin in 1995. Thereafter, COP has been held each to assess the progress of the climate action efforts.

Perhaps, the most famous COP of them all thus far is COP21, Paris. It was here that the historic Paris Accord was agreed upon. The latest COP is COP26

The latest COP is COP26.

COP26 will be held in in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021 under the presidency of the United Kingdom. The Right Honourable Shri. Alok Sharma, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in the United Kingdom government, is to serve as the President of COP26.

Note – Owing to the ongoing pandemic, COP26 was postponed from November 2020 to 2021.

COP26 Presidency is promoting the year 2020 as Year of Climate Action, in order inspire a year-long effort leading into the most critical COP since COP21, Paris.

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“The arc of the universe may bend toward justice, but it doesn’t bend on its own”


Participant Guide

Why I must participate in this course program?

This coveted course program captures through its 16 engaging chapters, the very latest of climate action in the post-pandemic world and highlights the technology and social frontiers.

This is a unique must-do program for students & educators across disciplines, especially engineering, law, basic sciences and environment and thereby stay relevant and a step-head in academic and professional aspirations.

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How do I benefit by participating in this course program?

This is literally the most critical United Nations COP of our generation and the decisions there will affect your work and life. Climate Action is now necessary and it can only happen through Individual Climate Action.

Here is the primary benefit, you will be able to appreciate global climate change diplomacy and how it affects your work and life, no matter where you are in the world.

Participate to empower yourself and then inspire others for Individual Climate Action.

1. You receive certificates with official logos
2. You truly boost your career prospects, this prestigious certification looks really good on your résumé
3. You can win Rewards & Recognition on a global scale
4. You feel the joy of being able to contribute to effective climate action

Note – COP+26 International Climate Action Course meets NAAC | NBA | NIRF | BCI | PD | API Index | MOOC (Activity Points) criterion. If you participating through a college / university coordinator, you might be eligible for activity / credit points.

What is so unique about this program?

Extraordinary perspectives: This is not your usual course about climate change, the purpose of the content is to build perspectives and inspire thoughtful climate action, to be specific, individual climate action.

Unique long-form Online Content: This is a unique course written in the much sought-after long form style. The content is interspersed with curated short videos and illustrations, this makes the powerful long form content even more engaging.

Singular focus: The writing is on the call, for global climate action to succeed , we need individuals who empower themselves with individual climate action and develop the ability to have a dialogue with others, this program, encourages these two critical aspects of individual climate action.

Organized by: IARF Centre of Excellence for United Nations Global Goals
Based on: ICUN World Climate Action Initiative (2015-2030)
ICUN COP+26 is In Support of: COP+26 UN Climate Conference, 2021

How do I participate?

Eligibility: Undergraduate and Above – Open for all Disciplines
Mode & Language: Online Course in English

How it works: On paying the fee, you will receive login credentials to access the course through our learning management system. After you have completed the course, you can take the online exam and download your certificate.

Fee for National Participants: ₹ 999 for students | ₹ 1499 for Educators & Non students
Fee for International Participants: Click here

Optimal Learning Duration: The course is self-paced by its very structure, at a leisurely pace, participants take 1-2 months to complete the course.

Assessments: On successful submission of assignment work (attached to each chapter), the final exam (Multiple Choice Questions, MCQs) can be taken.

Grades: Grades will be awarded on the basis of assignment work and exam; the grading will be primarily based on the results of the final MCQ exam.

Discussion Forum: Edmodo Classroom (for academic interaction only)

Certification: Participants will receive certificates with official logo and grades will be awarded on the basis of their performance in assessments.

Awards & Felicitation: Winners will receive medals of honor during the official felicitation ceremony; to be presented by distinguished guests and scholars


Syllabus Topics


United Nations & Climate Change
Brief History of UN Climate Negotiations
The Paris Pledge Challenge
The Paris Agreement Rulebook
COP26: The COP of the Century

The COVID-19 Climate
The Pandemic of Biodiversity Loss
COVID-19 Climate Curve
COVID-19 Carbon Footprint
COVID-19: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Climate Action Law & Order
The Mood Swings of Climate Change
The Acts of Climate Action
The Fury of the Lawyers
The Precautionary Principle


Public Health & Climate Action
The Post COVID-19 World
Climate Change: Public Health Emergency
Climate Change in the Mind
Pharmacy of Climate Change

Engineering Climate Action
UN Resolution on Geoengineering
Digital Climate Action: Big Data & IoT World
Adaptive Structures Engineering Solutions
The Perilous Promise of Nanotechnology

Climate Action Politics
Nation First Climate Diplomacy
The Threat of Climate Wars
Weaponizing Climate Change
In Pursuit of Climate Justice


Climate Action Business
The Trillion Dollar Climate Business
COP26 Private Finance Agenda
Shadowboxing with Growth Economy
Risky Business: Climate Startup Accelerators

Climate Action Environment
The Curse of Evolution
The Climate Consciousness
Water-Energy-Food-Climate Nexus
From Space with Love

Climate Action: Power of One
The Heroes of Climate Action
Climate: Individual Plan of Action
A Call for Climate Leaders
The Climate SOS

“We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it”


Become COP+26 Coordinator / Ambassador

The Call for Climate Action

Apply now to to become COP+26 Climate Action International Course Coordinator / Ambassador. Put your leadership and networking skills in action to make the most critical COP of our generation a success., COP26, United Kingdom, 2021.

What is the role and who can apply?

We invite Educators (Teachers & Professors) and Students (college only) from across the world to become COP+26 Climate Action International Course Coordinator / Ambassadors. This particular role, requires you to encourage participation in COP+26 International Climate Action Course.

Discounted Fee for Institutes Please note, the fee is discounted for participants registering at academic institute level i.e. through a faculty coordinator or campus ambassador at school, college or university.

What are the benefits?

First and foremost, you become a part of the coveted ICUN COP Program and thereby effectively contribute to realize the UN objective of creating, The Future We Want. The coordinator / ambassador role also attracts;

1. Rebate payouts to appreciate your effort
2. You receive certificates with official logos
3. You win Rewards & Recognition on a global scale
4. You truly contribute to effective climate action

Note COP+26 International Climate Action Course meets NAAC | NBA | NIRF | BCI | PD | API Index | MOOC (Activity Points) criterion.

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