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IARF Centre of Excellence for United Nations Global Goals also popularly known as IARF Centre for United Nations (ICUN) is the division of IARF dedicated to driving United Nations related initiatives (Read Disclaimers) at national and international level.

IARF Centre for UN believes that it is the education of the individual which will lead to achievement of UN Global Goals – there is no other path to liberation from the humanitarian challenges that persist in our world.

The roadmap of ICUN is primarily aligned with United Nations General Assembly Declaration A/RES/66/288 – The Future We Want and A/RES/70/1 – Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

ICUN programs consists of courses, lectures, workshops, seminars and awareness campaigns in the context of various UN initiatives.

In January 2019, IARF announced that a Centre of Excellence for UN Global Goals (ICUN) in India will be established in mid-2019. ICUN was inaugurated on July 21, 2019, at a special event held at Nehru Centre, Mumbai and is nested under IARF Centre for United Nations (ICUN).

COP India Program (2015-2030) encourages climate action education while RIO India Program (2012-2022) encourages UN global goals related education. In 2020, the World Plant Wealth Initiative (2020-2030) was announced to drive plants and agriculture related programs and projects.

We Connect You With United Nations

As the UN celebrates its 75th anniversary we highlight the iconic moments of our enduring commitment to peace, development and security.


International Online Courses 2021

Participate in COP+26 International Climate Action Course Program


This program was announced on the occasion of COP+21 Paris Climate Summit and it focusses on driving Climate Action.

Participate in RIO+25 International Water Action Course Program


This program was announced on the occasion of RIO+20 Earth Summit and focusses on driving UN Global Goals.

Participate in IPWI 2021 International Special Program on Farm & Forest Action


ICUN programs began with IYB 2010 and since then, they drive various UN initiatives, especially the international years.

“The arc of the universe may bend toward justice,
but it doesn’t bend on its own”

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